Faculty of Industrial Technology (FIT) is one of a highly productive faculty in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. FIT is located at the building No. 43 in the SSRU main campus. Our campuses are close to public transport. We provide specialized facilities and unique learning environments to support students in their studies.

Our initiatives embrace sustainability, cross-cultural partnerships and equal opportunity. By 2020 FIT will be leading of technology and innovation in the group of Rajabhat University. Emerging technology has contributed to disruption and progress in methods of education. Innovation and creativity drive FIT approach to delivering excellence in education. We focus on high-quality, personalized approach to education with world-class research facilities and partnerships with industry. We ensure our students receive the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive workplace.


Over 10 years ago Faculty of Industrial Technology began with simple premise: to provide technical education to a sector of society. In 2005 the faculty of Industrial Technology was established by the amalgamation of five advanced departments from the faculty of Science and Technology which are department of industrial design, department of printing technology, department of industrial electrical technology, department of electronics technology and department of industrial management technology.

FIT continue to focus on emerging technologies, industry engagement and flexible learning options. Nowadays, FIT offered training and education in 11 programs following.

         1. Industrial Management Technology
         2. Safety Technology and Occupational Health
         3. Technology Computer Application in Architecture
         4. Facility Management
         5. Graphic and Multimedia Design
         6. Interior & Exhibit ion Design
         7. Computer Engineering
         8. Metrology and Quality System
         9. Electrical Technology
            - Industrial Electrical Technology
            - Electronics Technology
            - Energy Technology
        10. Printing Industrial
            - Printing Technology
            - Printing and Packaging Design
            - Printing Industrial Management
         11. Industrial Design
            - Industrial Design
            - Innovation Design