Goal and Vision

 Goal and Vision

Philosophy : 

         Excellence skills, Exalted morality, Leading academic and Technology expertise. 


Vision : 

         The organization is committed to quality and the needs of society.


Mission : 

         1. To produce graduates in industrial technology with professionals,  wise, good morality and skilled expertise to meet the needs and preferences of society.

         2. To produce research papers including the application of technology and indigenous knowledge.

         3. To disseminate knowledge and academic service in industry technology  to the community and society.

         4. To promote and preserve arts and culture and folk technology of community and society.


Strategic : 

         Strategy 1: develop "organization management" for the quality and good governance.

         Strategy 2: strengthening "research" published and integrated into utilization.

         Strategy 3: strengthening the "network" of relationships between alumni, the graduates establishments and educational institutions.

         Strategy 4: strengthening "corporate image" broadcasted and publicized .

         Strategy 5: develop an education to "leap" into ASEAN and international.