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Bilibili Campus Creator Search

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ คณะเทคโนโลยีอุตสาหกรรม
2021-10-27 13:34:44

"Bilibili VDO Streaming application has a good campaign for students. Students with the Bilibili Campus Creator Search project that will help encourage students to make money for themselves while studying. Just click to apply to join the project through the Bilibili application. Come to create video clips in the application and receive 500-2,000 baht per day, depending on the number and quality of clips. Or recommend friends to make clips and get them. The referral fee is 40 baht per clip."

by students Students can participate in the campaign available from August 1, 2021 onwards.

More details: https://www.biliintl.com/blackboard/activity-wAnaaDtZ3H.html